Just Southwest of Denver Colorado in Bailey    ( a scenic 30 minute drive from SW denver metro area on Hwy 285), Personal Defense Simulations offers a variety of Firearms training courses.

We offer: Colorado Concealed Handgun Classes;  Basic Handgun Skills Training Classes;  Ladies Only Introduction to Handguns Classes!

What makes us different from all the other training schools is that we use a state of the art laser simulator that not only develops your skills as a marksman but develops the most important self defense tool you have...Your Mind!

What we are not is a 2-3 hour cheap
"certificate mill" class! We spend most of the day teaching you how to use your most important weapon of all, your mind!

Our simulator projects self defense scenarios that you may actually find yourself in some day. You react to the threat as it is presented to you in real time. The threat reacts to your actions or lack of actions. We then review the scenario with you and discuss what you did right and what you could have done different.

We just don't throw you on the simulator and hope for the best. We'll train you in all of the basics of safely using a firearm for self defense before you enter the simulator. The simulator is used as the final piece of the training process to cement what you learned in the classroom in a real life situational setting that you will never get by shooting stationary paper targets at the range.

The guns we use in our simulator are real Glock 19's retrofitted with a realistic feeling gas recoil system. When the trigger is pulled the laser insert in the barrel of the gun emits an invisible laser splash on the screen. Our special high speed camera records where the "shots" land so we can actually go back and replay/review with our students just how well they did.

We look forward to meeting you and are confident you will be totally satisfied with your training experience. We guarantee it!

Explore the site to find the classes you need. You'll be glad you did!

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