Most of our classes are centered around a computer-based LaserShot (tm) Firearms Simulator.  The guns used are real and have been modified to "fire" a laser.  You will experience a realistic recoil that works using compressed carbon dioxide. This is the same simulator that is currently used by many law enforcement agencies and our military.

Our computer-controlled simulator can project various target images on the screen.  The targets can be static or dynamic and important target parameters such as size, number of targets, "face time", movement and more can be preset by the instructor.

The realistic video scenarios place the student in a "real-life" shoot/no shoot situation.  This is absolutely essential training in developing judgmental skills to quickly evaluate a bad  situation and respond in a manner that could well save your life.

Remember, you will fight like you train.  Make sure you train realistically. 

                  Courses offered:
            Basic Handgun
            Ladies Only Introduction to Handguns
            Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit                 Basic Skills Simulator Training
            Scenario Based Simulator Training
            Various Live Fire Classes
Our system is also completely mobile! If you have a large group we can come to you.
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