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Common questions concerning Colorado concealed carry:

  • How old must I be to obtain a Colorado concealed permit?    21 years
  • Must I be a Colorado resident?   Yes
  • How long is a Colorado concealed carry permit good for?   5 years
  • When I apply for my concealed carry permit, do I need to pass a background check?Yes, and a background check does include fingerprint verification by FBI/CBI
  • Does your Colorado concealed carry class qualify me to apply for a permit?  Yes
  • What do I need to bring to class? A sturdy belt, driver's license and/or ID card, lunch (if desired).
  • Can I use my own gun on the simulator ? NO
  • How much does the Colorado CCW permit cost?  By Colorado state law, the county Sheriff for the county you reside in is responsible for issuing or not issuing permits. State law also mandates the maximum your sheriff can charge for the permit is $100.00 (there are some counties that charge less than this). In addition to the permit fee there is a charge for the FBI/CBI background check of $52.50 which must be paid in the form of certified funds (cashiers checks, money orders ). Note: Jefferson County has just reduced it fees to a single payment of $125.00 which covers both the sheriffs fee and the CBI background check fee.
  • So, how do I set up getting the permit after I graduate from your class? It's best to call your local sheriff's office or check out your sheriffs website for all the particulars for your county. Most counties only process CCW permits on certain days of the month.

General questions:

  • I have a CCW, can I carry loaded in the classroom or simulator? No.  For everyone's safety, absolutely NO personal guns and NO live ammo is permitted to be brought into the classroom or simulator room by students.
  • My wife/girlfriend has never held a gun in her life.  Will this training work for her?  Yes, we would most likely recommend someone brand new to guns start with the Basic Handgun Class.  Please call to discuss the particulars in your case.
  • Do you offer classes year round?  Yes.  Since our class rooms and simulator "range" are indoors, you can train in comfort year round. We also offer live fire classes in the summer months.
  • Why do I need to bring lunch? We have "working lunches so there will be no time to go out and get lunch.
  • How close are you to Denver?  We are approximately 30 minutes from west Denver metro area south on Hwy. 285.
  • Are you going to offer advanced firearms classes? Yes we are, check our schedule
  • Can you accomodate people with physical disabilities? Since individual needs vary, call us to personally discuss your needs.