Personal Instruction

We also offer one-on-one (couples or families also) in the following areas:

1. Basic Handgun Training (at a suitable range- if available)
  • Safe gun handling review (safety rules)
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • 5 step draw
  • target shooting

2. Tactical Handgun Training (at a suitable range- if available)
  • shooting on the move
  • use of cover and concealment
  • shooting from behind/around cover and concealment
  • close contact defensive shooting
  • one hand shooting (weak and strong hand)
  • shooting from a concealed holster
  • administrative/tactical/emergency reloads
  • malfunction drills
  • shooting from kneeling/prone positions
  • timed shooting

3. Dry Practice Training (can be at your home, if you have a safe direction)

4. Handgun Maintenance Training (break down, clean, lube, rebuild your gun)

5. Personalized home protection plan development.

6. Personalized home protection training.

Instructing Fee: $50.00 per hour to be paid at time of training (10%
Discount for three or more consecutive hours.

Call or email us to make appointment !