"It was a great experience and the staff were great and knowledgeable.  I learned some good info, techniques, and have some new thoughts on how to react to certain situations.  I definitely recommend this course to anyone looking at getting a CCW permit in Colorado.  We had experienced shooters and beginner shooters in the class and I think they tailored it well to suit the needs of both experience levels.  Thanks guys for the fun and educational experience." 
                      Aaron D.  Denver, CO

  "I took the class and highly recommend it. The class room instruction gave me a lot to think about.  The simulations got my adrenaline going which is a very good thing, while training for what, to me, are almost unthinkable situations."
                     Bob B.  Bailey, CO

  "Great instruction, easy to follow, straight forward and intimate class size.  Highly recommended for ladies!  Very interactive and personable instructors."
                     Karla B.  Bailey, CO

  "The firearm feels just like a regular firearm... The thing that I like about it is that it forces the officer to make critical decisions. It actually stresses you out. You're right there. You're being tested on decision making."
         Park County Undersheriff Monte Gore
        ( taken from article in the Flume Newspaper August 14, 2009)

"I also want to say thank you for the excellent class training that I received in January (2012).   The class was very well done and effective in providing the necessary and vital education for the concealed handgun permit.  But above and beyond providing the basic procedures and laws, the class also addressed the crucial area of the mindset one must develop to be a responsible and safe handgun carrier.  The class had a profound effect on me.  It actually changed the paradigm of my daily thinking.  I now find myself more observant of my surroundings as I move about.  I find myself evaluating possible conflict situations, should they arise, and how I would respond in the safest manner possible.  And I find that I have become more ultra conscious of safety when handling my guns.

As I indicated in our phone conversation, the class motivated me want additional training.  Even though I have been around guns all of my life, I believe that I need and would benefit greatly from more handgun experience and training.  Please keep me on your email and phone lists for notification of future classes and activities."
                                    David W.   Bailey, CO

I took the opportunity to attend Personal Defense Simulations LLC (http://www.pdsims.com/index.html) Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit course yesterday, a tremendous experience from my perspective. I, my lady and a neighbor of mine had the privilege of an intimate learning experience, just the three of us led by Mr. Don Greer and Mr. Carl Sharp in an instructional capacity.

The PDS team maintains a low-profile here on COAR-15 with respect to sharing their services and while there are a few threads on the forum referencing them, I felt compared to post another. Frankly, I wanted to extend a public appreciation to Don and Carl but I was also wanted take a moment to recognize them for putting forward a high-quality and unique training program. “Thank you gentlemen, it was a privilege to attend and the knowledge & experience you both shared yesterday resonated.”

For those that may be looking at permit training options I would offer the following; if you need to smell powder burning or are compelled to be on the line then this class is not for you. But if you are seeking to “get more” out of your permit-oriented course as compared to run-of-the-mill offerings often found on the market, I would strongly encourage consideration of Personal Defense Simulations.

The course focused on all expected fundamentals to meet the Colorado CCW permitting requirements while also emphasizing a host of relevant subject matter, all in the spirit of developing a safe, educated and well-armed public. Added depth and breadth with respect to the defensive combat mind-set (self-preservation, no exception) and drills with handgun presentation from a holster, while "under the watchful eye” of the instructors, was of great value also. The day concluded with a series of video-based simulations that admittedly far, far exceeded my expectations for learning impact.

Shamefully I’ve relegated myself to paper-puncher status for many years now and I’ve not attended any formal training since the Mil in the early to mid 1980’s. Yesterday I learned 1) I just stink, I don’t know sh!t about good handgun presentation, let alone if I were under-stress, but…I have a great foundation at this point, 2) Training, training, training and training… and 3) Simulator-based training brings a unique level of emotional connection that I just wasn’t expecting, I’d liken it to a real severe kick in the balls (in a good way!).

Don, Carl, I just wanted to say “thank you” for the tremendous experience, we found it invaluable.

Chris, Pine, CO